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Fantastic Piece! Chomsky and Hofstadter have said much of this before but I can’t think of a better time to have it reiterated! Best thing I’ve read in a long while!


This World

by Michael McGuire

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I suppose you have to blame the view on the architecture, 
And the architect bares the burden of the build, 
There’s no use trying to stare any sense into what you see, 
Dystopian dogma is all your vision will yield, 
Time plays by the time clock all your work just pointless labour, 
You commute all hope of justice to some next world savior, 
You sacrifice for the greater good of the lesser man, 
It’s really just a scheme to make you believe it’s the plan. 

We believe in everything but the truth, 
The authority figure has got it figured out, 
These nascent ruins just the billboards prop, 
Of product placement we have no doubt. 

A little to good to be true just good enough to be believed, 
The landscaped conspiracy of suburban lawns, 
And to make you feel a job is so dear you’ll work for next to nothing, 
Turn you not to servile slaves but happy little pawns, 
They keep your memory stocked with the blood of bibles, 
So you can always remember how to bleed, 
And the shoppers shelves stocked with divine desires, 
It becomes so easy to forget what to need. 

Opinions that sound more like sound bites sound, 
A system that feels like it has run aground, 
So geared to this engine can’t tell the lost from the found, 
Our maps are still flatter than the world is round, 
Meaningless dumb shows to t.v. the troops, 
God junkie’d politic no dumber than dupes, 
Victims and killers and first born lobby groups, 
Lawyers that make broken laws jump thru hoops. 

We believe in everything but the truth, 
The authority figure has got it figured out, 
How to keep the bandwidth of freedom in check, 
Conclusions that come with their own dogma of doubt. 

This world is not a province of the united states of Amythica, 
We still don’t see the big picture even on an eighty inch screen, 
But it’s so much easier to fit in when you fit in, 
Hard enough to figure just what to do without the figure of what it may mean, 
Must a man of the people be an enemy of the state, 
Willing to fight the fight and ready to eat the kill, 
What is the price we pay to pay this price and who keeps the change,
We will not inherit the earth unless we contest the will. 


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